Usine 106U (Montreal, QC)

USINE 106U is happy to convey you the opening of the spectacular exhibition VACCINATION presenting the artwork of 29 visual artists: Mark Prent, Eric Braün, Xavier Landry, Adeline Lamarre, Mimi Traillette, Yves Milet-Desfougères, Daniel Erban , Sweet Grognasse, Majka Kwiatowska, Winky, Scott Ferry, Margotella, Ashley West, CadO, Miguel La Bicicleta, Fabesko, Dominique Cantin, Bubzee Feller, Claude Bolduc, China Marsot-Wood, Paul Gratton, Veronica Michelle, Mary Lou Freel, Jean-Francois Labelle, Alexandra Guérin, Ginette Bouchard, Maxime Portugais, Kristen Steinwachs and Florent Veilleux. Hallucinogenic paintings, pop-art silkscreens, disquieting kinetic sculptures, erotic etchings, original drawings, trash plush toys, surrealist jewelry other fascinating curiosities will massively take over the space.

Usine 106U, 160 Roy Est, opening hours are Saturday to Wednesday noon to 6hPM , Thursday & Friday from noon to 9pm

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  1. geny heywood Says:

    Hi Mary-Lou, I hope this venue will be a success for every artist.

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