June 18 juin


A Montreal born artiste who began singing in choirs at the age of 6 found her calling in the world of House music.  Displaying professional backup dancers and a ton of energy, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to dance and let loose all night long!

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In English, Friday, June 18 w/Polyester and Richard Lahmy, show starts at 9pm at 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent

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Dead Messenger

Dead Messenger combine raunchy heavy, bass driven rock n roll with a refined pop sensibility. Hailing from Montreal these rockin heros of the now infamous Kops Crew are on a mission to save rock and roll from its fat bloated auto rim-job giving self, sparing no one from there hip shakingbone grinding axemenship.

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In english, Friday, June 18th w/Owl Farm at Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, show starts at 9pm

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Je suis électricien de formation, j’ai commencé l’écriture de chansons en mars 2005 pendant la création d’une pièce de théâtre. En mai 2007, j’ai gagné le concours Ma première Place des Arts dans la catégorie auteur-compositeur-interprète. Depuis, on m’a offert le prix coup de cœur acadien et j’ai fait partie du projet Grand 8 réunissant 4 artistes français et 4 artistes québécois pour des tournées en France et au Québec au printemps 2008.

Je suis présentement à l’écriture de mes 2 premiers albums.

Pour plus d’infos: www.myspace.com/hugolevesque

In French, Friday, June 18th w/Noémie Smith, show starts at 9pm at Bistro Mousse Café, 2522 rue Beaubien Est, pay-what-you-can

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Noémie Smith


Aucun show de lumière, pas d’effets spéciaux, pas de costume de scène, pas de bla-bla préparé d’avance, pas de jonglerie, pas de nains roux engagés pour distribuer des peanuts, pas de guit électrique 120 000 000 de volts, rien de drôle du genre « la Bamba Triste », pas de drummer surexcité, pas tant de bruit que ça…

… rien de plus que moi et ma guitare… pendant environ 45 minutes et ensuite mon ami Hugo Lévesque… qui est vraiment ben ben bon. Ça va être ben ben l’fun. V’nez donc… si ça vous tente!

Poue plus d’infos: www.myspace.com/noemiesmith

In French, Friday, June 18th w/L’Évêque, show starts at 9pm at Bistro Mousse Café, 2522 rue Beaubien Est, pay-what-you-can

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Owl Farm

Owl Farm, from Kingston Ontario, are an eclectic mix of Psych, Punk and New Wave.

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In english, Friday, June 18th w/Dead Messenger at Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, show starts at 9pm and Saturday, June 19th at 3 Minots, 3812 St-Laurent, 5pm

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Polyester is a rock trio who’s unique blend of Jazz and Grunge is sure to turn some heads. With melodic riffs, jazzy licks, and a mountain of sound, Polyester is the real thing!

For more: www.polyestermusic.com

In English, Friday, June 18 w/Chanel and Richard Lahmy and Saturday, June 19th w/Micheal Micheal, shows starts at 9pm at 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent. Also Thursdsay, June 24th w/Anal Pudding and Les Filles at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent, show starts at 10pm

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Richard Lahmy

I try to follow in the tradition of the great poetic masters like Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan Bob Marley and Boris Vian. As long as there is war, hunger, and injustice there will be voices like mine to cry out. I write songs of protest, but also songs about the fleeting moments of life, unrequited love and lost faith, yet I always leave hope for the inevitable miracle.
My sound is  folk rock grounded but has been influenced by the jazz, latino, and African rhythms of this beautiful cultural place we call Montreal.

For more: www.videoartsmontreal.ca

In English, Friday, June 18 w/Chanel and Polyester, show starts at 9pm at 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent

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USINE 106U is happy to convey you the opening of the spectacular exhibition VACCINATION presenting the artwork of 29 visual artists: Mark Prent, Eric Braün, Xavier Landry, Adeline Lamarre, Mimi Traillette, Yves Milet-Desfougères, Daniel Erban , Sweet Grognasse, Majka Kwiatowska, Winky, Scott Ferry, Margotella, Ashley West, CadO, Miguel La Bicicleta, Fabesko, Dominique Cantin, Bubzee Feller, Claude Bolduc, China Marsot-Wood, Paul Gratton, Veronica Michelle, Mary Lou Freel, Jean-Francois Labelle, Alexandra Guérin, Ginette Bouchard, Maxime Portugais, Kristen Steinwachs and Florent Veilleux. Hallucinogenic paintings, pop-art silkscreens, disquieting kinetic sculptures, erotic etchings, original drawings, trash plush toys, surrealist jewelry other fascinating curiosities will massively take over the space.

Usine 106U, 160 Roy Est, opening hours are Saturday to Wednesday noon to 6hPM , Thursday & Friday from noon to 9pm

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