June 26 juin

A Devil’s Din

A DEVIL’S DIN is the germ-child of David Lines, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist and long-standing Montreal underground musician. After performing with several local bands including Mongrels, Test Pilot, and The Mother Funkers, he decided in 2008 to begin work on his own project and formed A Devil’s Din, a vehicle where he could explore his eclectic, yet exoteric musings. (Syd Barrett meets The Pixies?) To accomplish this goal he sought the aid of mighty drummer Colin Burnett, his band-mate from Mongrels, already renowned from legendary Montreal post-punk band Bliss. The other half of the rhythm section is made up of guitarist-turned-bassist Mikael “Titanium Hand” Tobias, who had previously performed with the electronic duo Skyhook. Rounding off the crew is Eddy Capo, who, freshly arrived from France, took up duties as the band’s main axeman. After honing their repertoire in local venues, they started recording their debut album with Adrian Popovitch at Mountain City Studios (Sam Roberts, Priestess) in 2009. Produced by Dave Lines, “One Day All This Will Be Yours”, is set for release in Autumn 2010.

For more: myspace.com/adevilsdin

In English, Saturday, June 26th w/The Strugglers and The Big Deal at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent, show starts at 10pm, $6/pay-what-you-can

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Alexandre B. Michaud


Alexandre B. Michaud est auteur-compositeur-interprète depuis 1989: il crée des chansons pour conjuguer deux de ses passions, la musique et l’écriture. Guitariste et chanteur autodidacte, il a complété en 2000 une maîtrise en création littéraire. En troubadour éclectique, Alexandre puise son inspiration musicale du côté de la chanson folk, du rock psychédélique et des musiques progressives.

For more: www.myspace.com/alexandremichaux

In French, Saturday, June 26th w/Luc Guimond at Bistro Mousse Cafe, 2522 rue Beaubien Est, show starts at 9pm, donation

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Luc Guimond


Nouveau et envoûtant, Luc Guimond ensorcelle avec son album Battements. Soutenu par un passé riche en expériences artistiques variées, il nous livre maintenant sa passion des mots et de la musique avec 12 chansons empreintes d’une telle émotion qu’elles enveloppent tous les sens. On ne peut être indifférent à la poésie de Luc Guimond sur des musiques de Nico Lelièvre; le résultat est cru, naïf et vrai; à la fois profond, réfléchi et original. Le style au caractère unique de Luc Guimond nous transporte dans un tout autre monde, un monde sans retenue, un monde où il se livre avec une franchise déconcertante.

For more: www.myspace.com/lucguimond

In French, Saturday, June 26th w/Alexandre B. Michaud at Bistro Mousse Cafe, 2522 rue Beaubien Est, show starts at 9pm, donations

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Sex, Drugs & Poker

Chantal and Sonny are a couple of forty-something aging cocaine addicts and grifters deeply in debt to a loan shark. Tonight they are planning on cheating a high stakes poker  game to help pay off their debt. But neither Chantal or Sonny is quite as smart as they think they are….

In English, Friday, June 25th 9-10pm, Saturday, June 26th, 7-10pm, a new show every 30 minutes, call 514-699-3378 to reserve and for info. Also running Sunday, June 27th as part of Car Stories

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Smoke and Mirrors

“Signs and symbols control the world, not phases and laws” ~ Confucius

How much of what you see in the media do you believe to be true?  Do the media giants have a strong incentive to tell the truth? Or is it in Truth that they stand to lose the most?  Is there any truth in what we see in the media at all?  Or do we have to search for it behind covert symbols?

By strategically placing Smoke and Mirrors in the Xpression Gallery space over its cloud painted floor, we will attempt to answer these questions by forcing the audience to question their own sense of perception.  Featuring comedy and mental stylings by Math Boylan, stand up from George Hamilton Braithwaite and Sandrine Charbonneau, a lesson  Propaganda videos by Jay Lemieux, a Political Magician, Culture Jams and Visual art.

In English, Saturday, June 26, 9pm, Xpression Gallery, 5334 de Gaspé, suite 308, PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN, we do not supply alcohol, you are responsible for your own beverages, for info 514-808-9053

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The Big Deal

THE BIG DEAL is what happens when Funk meets Metal, flirts with Folk, grinds with Country, and finally one-night-stands good ol’ fashioned Rock and Roll. The genre-bending offspring from this musical promiscuity looks and sounds like a volcano gone supernova, pumping out dancerock grooves for the soul fueled by ambition and a refreshing lack of pretension. “Well, maybe a little pretension; we are, after all, kind of a big deal.”

For more: myspace.com/bigdealtunes

In English, Saturday, June 26th w/The Strugglers and A Devil’s Din at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent, show starts at 10pm, $6/pay-what-you-can

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The Strugglers

THE STRUGGLERS describe themselves as “just a Rock band trying to write tunes with sing along hooks”. They started as a one-off show and have since become serious part of the Montreal music scene. Think Classic Rock staples + Big Star + Crazy Horse with a few guitarted moments thrown in.

In English, Saturday, June 26th w/A Devil’s Din and The Big Deal at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent, show starts at 10pm, $6/pay-what-you-can

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USINE 106U is happy to convey you the opening of the spectacular exhibition VACCINATION presenting the artwork of 29 visual artists: Mark Prent, Eric Braün, Xavier Landry, Adeline Lamarre, Mimi Traillette, Yves Milet-Desfougères, Daniel Erban , Sweet Grognasse, Majka Kwiatowska, Winky, Scott Ferry, Margotella, Ashley West, CadO, Miguel La Bicicleta, Fabesko, Dominique Cantin, Bubzee Feller, Claude Bolduc, China Marsot-Wood, Paul Gratton, Veronica Michelle, Mary Lou Freel, Jean-Francois Labelle, Alexandra Guérin, Ginette Bouchard, Maxime Portugais, Kristen Steinwachs and Florent Veilleux. Hallucinogenic paintings, pop-art silkscreens, disquieting kinetic sculptures, erotic etchings, original drawings, trash plush toys, surrealist jewelry other fascinating curiosities will massively take over the space.

Usine 106U, 160 Roy Est, opening hours are Saturday to Wednesday noon to 6hPM , Thursday & Friday from noon to 9pm

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