Street Performance / Performance de rue

Alien Lentil

I give people hope

In English, In the streets, TBA

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Car Stories

Car Stories is Montreal’s longest-running theatre experiment. It is a guided theatrical joyride through the Urban Wonderland for three spect-actors at a time. (in English) For more, please visit

In English, June 19, 27, 7pm-10pm, June 20 2-6pm, a new show every 30 mins, starts at Bar Bifteck, 3702 St-Laurent, call 514-699-3378 to reserve.


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Dumpster Dive Art Drive

Visual arts in the alleyway! This exciting vernissage explores the relationship between art and the street, between local artists and a disposable society. Consisting entirely of art created from dumpstered and found objects, this show takes place for one day only in an alleyway. Wine will be served from a brown paper bag. For more, click here.

Next vernissage Sunday, June 27th, 3pm in an alley, go to Bar Bifteck, 3702 boul St-Laurent as of 2pm for details

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Sex, Drugs & Poker

Chantal and Sonny are a couple of forty-something aging cocaine addicts and grifters deeply in debt to a loan shark. Tonight they are planning on cheating a high stakes poker  game to help pay off their debt. But neither Chantal or Sonny is quite as smart as they think they are….

In English, Friday, June 25th 9-10pm, Saturday, June 26th, 7-10pm, a new show every 30 minutes, call 514-699-3378 to reserve and for info. Also running Sunday, June 27th as part of Car Stories

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Picnics in Awkward Places

There is a certain beauty in the ability that human beings have to create beautiful spaces and share the space with others. However, in our supposed “world of plenty”, the way we use (or rather, misuse) space shows an advanced degree of cultural poverty.

Forests transformed into golf courses, rent-a-cops, surveillance malls, eternal parking lots, regulated green spaces, curfews, polluted spaces…
Space and the use we make of it defines and shows the structure of the city, of our relationships and of our state as it the basis of the nationalist conceptualization: Where one is not permitted (or alienated from) one cannot control!

Picnics are supposed to be fun and natural. But in our current world, we have no choice but to have our picnics in awkward spaces!

Festival kickoff June 17th, 7:30pm, Guilbaut and St-Laurent, bring some food and some to share, 1950s semi-formal dress code, other picnics TBA

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