June 14-24 2007

Well, this year’s Montreal infringement Festival is wrapped up and I’m happy to say that overall, it was a great success. We’ve got a great artistic community going and I hope it continues to grow and next year’s fest will be even better.

I’d like to thank all the artists who participated and performed some truly inspiring work; you’re what the infringement is all about.

I’d also like to thank all the venues that housed our shows: Anthony and everyone at Barfly, Shermine and everyone at CTRL Lab, Landriault, Jean-Pierre Pellerin and everyone at Double Dose/Entre le rouge et le noir, Frederic and the Parc des Princes team and Michel Parent and Quebec Pop.

There are plenty of people who worked behind the scenes this year to make the festival possible. People like Gary St-Laurent our English music coordinator and Donovan King, our Minister of Culture-Jamming.

People like Barry Trapp and Charline Cormeri, our volunteer coordinators (who’ve probably put up enough posters for a lifetime) as well as James Douglas, theatre tech guru and Rowan Doyle, stage manager extraordinaire.

Also thanks to Olivia Collette, Leila Arabi and Russell Lewis from Fan de Fuchsia for media, viral communications, posters, our program and the web and to Derek James and Kayjon printing for printing said posters and programs.

And don’t forget Allison Smith, our pre-festival volunteer coordinator or Jay Lemieux, our “bored advisor”.

And a special thanks to all the volunteers who donated their time in too many ways to mention:

(in alphabetical order) Nick Bouthiette, Kasai Dear, Elise, Alanie Genest, Normand Grégoire, Fanny Klein, Sierra McManus, Peter Mica, Jen Mills, Elsa Morena, Gordie Parsons, Mr. Saad, Nikki Smith, Fernando Valdez.

And for their support, a special thanks to Marco Dufour and Les Brasseurs du Nord (Boreale) and Terrence Regan and the Milton-Parc Recreation Association.

If you have any photos or videos of your show that you’d like us to post on our website, please send them to montreal@infringementfestival.com

Now that this year’s done, it’s never too early to start thinking about infringement 2008.

We’ll take a well-deserved break then start up the off-season events (beginning with Car Stories very soon). We’ll also be starting organizing meetings, so if you’d like to help plot our course for next year, please let me know by phone 514-699-3378 or e-mail jc@infringementfestival.com

Now that this year’s done, it’s never too early to start thinking about infringement 2008.

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And don’t forget about the other infringement Festivals running this year (and early next year). You can find out more here

This year’s fest was a blast, looking forward to next year.

thanks for infringing,

Jason C. McLean, Montreal infringement Festival