To paraphrase Mark Twain, you can’t throw a stone in Montreal in the summer without hitting someone attending a festival. Montreal truly is “festi-ville” and while there is quite a bit of diversity among this city’s festivals, most of them have at least two things in common: huge budgets and an overbearing corporate presence.

Fortunately, since 2004, one festival has bucked that trend, offering a variety of underground critical arts, music, theatre, film screenings, visual arts, street performance, culture jamming and much more: the infringement Festival.

This summer the infringement returns from June 17th through 27th. The seventh annual event will feature both local and international performers in traditional indoor venues, underground spots and outdoor experiments like the Dumpster Dive Art Drive and Picnics in Unusual Places. There will be a whole slew of artists and others who are ready to artistically infringe on the monoculture that surrounds us every day.

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