(in alphabetical order)
12-Hour Play 

Travesty Theatre Horror Productions (Montreal, Quebec)

Two playrights write lines on the spot for actors who can only speak when given dialogue.  Come and go as you please and watch the story progress over half a day.    Please contact to get involved.

The Bodacious Bushes
Alexis Sottile (New York, NY)

An absurdist speech-like rhetoric-fest featuring a third cousin of George W. Bush who is brought in at the last minute to give one of his speeches.

Cabaret Makeup Workshop

A course taught by Velma Candyass of the Dead Doll Dancers dealing with the ins and outs of stage makeup with a special emphasis on burlesque and tacky  horror.

Epic Worlds Productions (Australia)

A tourning show with Jonno Katz directed by Mark Chavez.  (CLICK FOR MORE)

Car Stories
Optative Theatrical Laboratories (Montreal, Quebec)

Three spectators at a time are guided through the back alleys and parking lots of Montreal’s Urban Wonderland, to witness performance in real parked cars.    For the fourth summer in a row, the only show ever to be kicked out of a Fringe (tm) Festival is back on the road. (CLICK FOR MORE)

Car Stories is currently seeking cars, stroies and people.  Please contact Ethan Cox at (514) 583-FEST (3378) or or Artistic Facilitator Donovan King (

Chastity (Montreal, Quebec)

A burlesque performance in the style of Betty Page (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

Dead Dolls Capitalism Cabaret 
Travesty Theatre Horror Productions (Montreal, Quebec)

With all the frolicking fun of a free-market economy, sweatshop humor, perverted prostitution, holy telemarketing, the politics of money and, of course, the world-famous Dead Doll Dancers, this is one golden business opportunity that’s sure to pay off.  You can even throw money at our special guests:  Karl Marx, George W. Bush and Ben Mulroney.  AND, the audience member who ends up with the most cash at the end of the night wins a FABULOUS PRIZE!!! (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

The DDC is currently seeking all types of performers.  Please contact to get involved.

The Blacklist Comittee for Unsafe Theatre

A surreal adventure about love, alienation and a machine that defies the laws of economics. Set inside the wheels of capitalism.  By Matt Jones

The House of Plenty Presents Its First-Ever Art Exhibit
House of Plenty (Montreal, Quebec)

Featuring original music by up-and-coming artist, the “Look, I can do it, too” Crafts Table and a free glass of wine upon entry while supplies last.

infringement Awards and Party
An awards show unlike any other.  The audience is invited to vote on a number of interesting categories.  Featuring live theatre, live music and hosted by Critic A and Critic B of The Indie Theatre Times and Review!

infringement Parade
A moving piece of theatre and an act of resistance all rolled into one.  This will take place on the last day of the festival.  All are welcome.  Please contact to get involved.

Marionettes, morts-vivants et autres massacres
Toutous d’outre tombe (Montreal, Quebec)

A free hardcore puppet show with fire, gore and violence.  The way it was meant to be.

Metro Party

A spontaneous theatrical action that will transform one metro car into a celebration of freedom.

Mysteries of Montreal:
A Hidden History of Canada
David Fennario (Montreal, Quebec)

An ongoing one-man show from acclaimed Montreal playwright and activist David Fennario.

Naughty Soxxx
Bastard Amber Productions (Montreal, Quebec)

A screening of a pornographic film starring...wait for it...sock puppets!!! (CLICK FOR MORE)

NDP Fundraiser for Daniel Quinn

Featuring the music of Out of Angst, E.W.E., Soma, Clover and Ill-Matic-Styles.

Peter Green and Friends
Peter Green (Montreal, Quebec)

Montreal-born singer-songwriter-composer, spoken-word artisit, published publisher and performance-poet Peter Green will be performing his latest and most popular new mind-expanding and enjoyed songs, stories and poems.  (FOR MORE INFO CLICK HERE) or to become one of Peter Green’s friends and play in the show, please contact

Pierre, Who Didn’t Care
Lorin Young (Montreal, Quebec)

A performance of a play by Maurice Sendak followed by a political rendition about Bush by Lorin Young.

Poetry and Politics
A showcase of activist and politically minded spoken-word artists hosted by Art Armstrong.

Primordial Daze

A spoken-word show dealing with the evolution of all things.

Scream Queen de Montreal
Isabelle Stephen (Montreal, Quebec)

A horror movie actress humoristically tells the story of her career. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

StreetEaters Poetry and Spoken-Word Show

A group of local poets and spoken-word artists perform in a show being put together by Paula Belina of StreetEaters

Sweet Pie & The Tree-Top Observatory
Subtexture Brown Productions (Montreal, Quebec)

Two short puppet plays for kids and adults alike:  A capitalist cannibal squares off against our awkward heroes in the biggest bakeoff of the year!  AND   An industrial fairytale of a girl and a bird caught under the wheels of civilization!

Up Against Tha Wall
Caprese Elliot (Montreal, Quebec)

A blend of subtle dance interpretation and spoken word.  The pieces are kept short for often the best things in life are so.

Still looking for some performers.  Call Andrea Gilker (514) 239-9136 to get involved.

Waiting for Martin
Lo-Tekk Productions

A screening of a film directed and produced by Magnus Isaacson and Sophia Southam and starring David Bernans, who will also offer a live musical performance of protest.

“While using humour and derision, the film forces you to reflect on the meaning of democracy.    Spiced up with very funny animated scenes by Sophia Southam, inspired by 1920’s dadaism, Waiting For Martin will have you smiling and mad as hell.” (Vanessa Quintal, VOIR) (CLICK HERE FOR MORE)

We’ve Come Undone
Kayhan Irani (New York, NY)

A one-woman multimedia show from New York City artivist and Boal practitionner Kayhan Irani inspired by stories from the Arab American, Muslim and South East Asian communities and dealing with issues such as US immigration policies post 9/11.  (CLICK FOR MORE)

Yoga on the Mountain

A yoga course done the way it should be, out in the nature of Mount Royal.  Taught by Thalia Vaillancourt.

You’ll Never Piss in This Town Again
S. Bear Bergman (Boston, MA)

This intimate, hilarious, high-impact theater experience will give you a fifteen minute, front-row experience in the life of a gender freak - which is probably all you can stand. Free for transgendered and transsexual folks - you've paid dearly enough in the bathroom already, eh?

S. Bear Bergman is an award-winning queer and trans writer, theater artist, pornographer and poet, featured at the National Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival (US), the National Transgender Theater Festival (US), your better spoken word occasions and colleges and universities all over the US. "You'll Never Piss In This Town Again" is a brand new, special engagement show created especially for the Infringement Festival, to which Bear is just tickled to have been invited.