Psyn Langwage

PsynLangwage (Montreal, QC)

PsynLangwage is a revolution in the Montreal Hip-Hop scene.

STORY: Three brothers (DaDestroya, Negrosapien and HemmRage) fed up with the direction that Hip-Hop music was taking, decided to band together and destroy everything in their path.

When people hear about Hip-Hop, they come to expect talk of jewelery, guns and other cheap tricks. PsynLangwage is here to change that. They mix Comedy, Crowd Participation and Paper Bag Heads to bring performing back to the art form.

Tired of bling-music? Do you want Change? Ready to put that bag over your head?

We think you’re ready to PSYN UP!

Saturday, June 19th, 4pm, 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent and Friday, June 25th w/Sunshine, Blood Ballet Cabaret, All Tales Tall and more at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent, show starts at 9pm, PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN

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  1. Sunshine | infringement Montréal 2010 Says:

    [...] English, Friday, June 25th w/Psyn Langwage and more at Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, show starts at [...]

  2. Blood Ballet Cabaret | infringement Montréal 2010 Says:

    [...] English, Friday, June 25th w/Sunshine, All Tales Tall, Psyn Langwage and more, show starts at 8pm at Barfly, 4062A boul St. Laurent, [...]

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