Christine Rigby

Christine Rigby (Montreal, QC)

Christine “Sixteen” Rigby is a visual artist from Montreal. Chris works mainly in acrylic but often experiments in mixed media, (you never know what she might toss in the mix).

In the earlier days Chris was obsessed with Pin-ups, and drawing people with exagerated body parts. People with giraffe like necks, enourmous ears etc.

Later on, Chris was inspired by working at Blizzarts (were she was for almost a decade), You can feel the people the music, the color and late nights of that scene in her work.

She loves people of all kinds, but I remember Christine saying she would never ever ever do portraits, and true to her rebellious nature, even with herself, portraits are pretty much all she paints now.

Christine is all about close cropping and negative space. She appreciates simplicity and has an interesting take on color.

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Part of the infringement art show w/Alexandra Cuellar, Mr Saad, Stephanie Laughlin, Laurence Tenenbaum and others, Thursday, June 24th, vernissage 6-8pm at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent

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