Sex, Drugs & Poker

Working Class Productions Montreal, QC)

Chantal and Sonny are a couple of forty-something aging cocaine addicts and grifters deeply in debt to a loan shark. Tonight they are planning on cheating a high stakes poker  game to help pay off their debt. But neither Chantal or Sonny is quite as smart as they think they are….

In English, Friday, June 25th 9-10pm, Saturday, June 26th, 7-10pm, a new show every 30 minutes, call 514-699-3378 to reserve and for info. Also running Sunday, June 27th as part of Car Stories

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  1. June 26th | infringement Montréal 2010 Says:

    [...] Sex, Drugs and Poker – a new show every 30 mins, call 514-699-3378 for booking and [...]

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