Smoke and Mirrors

Jay Lemieux and Math Boylan (Montreal, QC)

“Signs and symbols control the world, not phases and laws” ~ Confucius

How much of what you see in the media do you believe to be true?  Do the media giants have a strong incentive to tell the truth? Or is it in Truth that they stand to lose the most?  Is there any truth in what we see in the media at all?  Or do we have to search for it behind covert symbols?

By strategically placing Smoke and Mirrors in the Xpression Gallery space over its cloud painted floor, we will attempt to answer these questions by forcing the audience to question their own sense of perception.  Featuring comedy and mental stylings by Math Boylan, stand up from George Hamilton Braithwaite and Sandrine Charbonneau, a lesson  Propaganda videos by Jay Lemieux, a Political Magician, Culture Jams and Visual art.

In English, Saturday, June 26, 9pm, Xpression Gallery, 5334 de Gaspé, suite 308, PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN, we do not supply alcohol, you are responsible for your own beverages, for info 514-808-9053

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