Infringement 2013

The Montreal infringement festival is currently seeking collaborators and artists for its 10th annual edition, running June 13-23, 2013.

Celebrating Freedom of Expression, activist performances and a broad range of eclectic, independent, and controversial art of all forms, the infringement festival is modelled on the original 1947 Edinburgh Fringe, which was a DIY (do-it-yourself) artistic protest against corporate elitism and exclusion of local artists.

At the infringement festival, artists and audiences of all backgrounds are invited to create a charged environment where people come together to take chances, push boundaries, explore uncharted territory, and to do so without corporate interference or having to pay any fees. Designed as an arts democracy, the Infringement Festival empowers communities, artists, and audiences to take charge of the culture and use it as a tool for social justice.

The infringement welcomes a variety of performances and cultural resistance: theatre troupes, players of all types, street activism, political drama, musicians, radical performances, visual artists, films, marginalized arts, spoken-word, puppet shows, disadvantaged groups, and anyone wishing to artistically infringe on the monoculture and oppression that creeps into every corner of our lives.

Collaborators running the festival organize everything from promotion, artist recruitment and event-planning to venue-booking, media relations and festival production.  “Bring what you would hope to find” is a popular infringement motto, and most collaborators also present work as artists.

Artists can apply online here.

Collaborators meet about twice a month in a friendly and informal setting. To get involved, please email Donovan King at .