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Montreal Infringement 2013 submission process

Thank you for considering joining the Montreal infringement festival as an artistic collaborator! Before submitting your work, please read the following details to ensure you are familiar with the infringement festival.

How to Apply

The infringement festival runs in Montreal from June 13 – 23, 2013, so don’t forget to submit your performance!  To apply, please fill out the form below. If you have any difficulties filling out this form, please email

Artist Rights & Responsibilities

Artists at the infringement festival enjoy certain rights and responsibilities, as described in the festival’s mandate. Artists have the right to participate without fees or charges of any type, the right never to be censored, the right to set their own ticket prices and keep 100% of their box office, and the right to a positive artistic environment, free from corporate interference or manipulation.

Artists have the responsibility of creating and promoting their own performance or event within the festival, and the responsibility to infringe! The infringement festival aims to challenge corporate monoculture and oppression of all types, and therefore encourages (although is not limited to) progressive acts that raise awareness and demand social change. The festival encourages artists to network, collaborate, and support one another in both arts and activism.

Festival Organization

Firstly, the infringement festival is run by entirely by volunteers, most of whom are also collaborating artists. This “Circle of Collaborators” meets throughout the year to create the structure necessary for the festival to operate, and is responsible for managing the festival on a daily basis for its duration. The “Circle of Collaborators” is a non-hierarchal and democratic structure, and is open for any artist or volunteer to join. For more information on joining the “Circle of Collaborators” contact Donovan at .

Secondly, the infringement is a Do-It-Yourself festival and consists of the sum of everyone who participates and everything they bring to the festival. In other words, this is your festival! Infringement encourages all participants to take ownership of the festival, to show solidarity with other artists, and to bring what they would hope to find!

Limited resources

As an organization run by volunteers with very little funding, the infringement festival has extremely limited resources. The festival guarantees a website and general publicity for the entire event. The festival can often provide additional resources, such as venues and technical support, although priorities usually go to out-of-town and activist acts. The festival’s resources are the sum of what all the artists provide, so please consider sharing your resources (venues, equipment, etc.) with the other participants at the festival. Please contact Jay at

To play in the festival please fill out our submissions form. CLICK HERE