June 26 juin

Dumpster Dive Art Drive

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Dumpster Dive Art Drive

Visual arts exhibition presented in an alleyway. Artists will show up on the fly to present pieces made with found/used/discarded objects.

dimanche, le 19 juin
ruelle en arrière de 3 Minots
3812 Saint-Laurent
17h00, gratuit

dimanche, le 26 juin
ruelle en arrière de Bifteck
3702 Saint-Laurent
17h00, gratuit

Picnics in Awkward Spaces – Closing Picnic

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Existing in space and living in it (moving, socializing) is the primal defining attribute of living beings.  Space, and how we define it, decorate it is defines our society.

Such society today forces us into pre-defined, boxed-in and regulated movements and activities. Hours of operation, property, endless lawns, deforestation, golf courses, shopping malls, curfews, and the basic landscape of city architectures (from buildings to benches) define our territoriality.
Human beings now find ourselves in the awkward position of living where we are not welcome, do not belong; the ‘apartheid’ of polluted environments, unkempt (or overkempt) spaces,commercial dominance, sanitization, devastated spaces and industrial wastelands at once define us and oppress us. Thus, in the we are doing what is natural:  Having our picnics in awkward spaces!  Welcome to the infringement picnic area.

le 26 juin
George Etienne Cartier Monument
19h00, apportez la nourriture pour partager