June 16 juin

Jackie van de Geer

The Paperbag Queen

The paperbag Queen performs her List of Things!
With an interactive performance we will discover the diversity of Paperbag country: politics/religion/voting system and many other typical habits.
Come see this comedy and become a permanent resident!

16/17/18 June, 8pm
La Barraque
928 Rue sainte Catherine East
( metro Berri)

Michael Michael




June 16th, 10 pm

Barfly – 4062 Saint Laurent

Suggested $5 donation 

Picnics in Awkward Spaces – Opening Picnic

Existing in space and living in it (moving, socializing) is the primal defining attribute of living beings.  Space, and how we define it, decorate it is defines our society.

Such society today forces us into pre-defined, boxed-in and regulated movements and activities. Hours of operation, property, endless lawns, deforestation, golf courses, shopping malls, curfews, and the basic landscape of city architectures (from buildings to benches) define our territoriality.
Human beings now find ourselves in the awkward position of living where we are not welcome, do not belong; the ‘apartheid’ of polluted environments, unkempt (or overkempt) spaces,commercial dominance, sanitization, devastated spaces and industrial wastelands at once define us and oppress us. Thus, in the we are doing what is natural:  Having our picnics in awkward spaces!  Welcome to the infringement picnic area.

June 16th
Corner of Saint-Laurent & Guilbault
5 pm, Bring food to share 


Stretch with Guests

Hip Hop performance featuring a variety of performers.

June 16th
Barfly – 4062 Saint-Laurent


Talk/Sing Skeleton

From the coldest depths of a Montreal winter was forged a band composed of a most varied musical background: Talk/Sing Skeleton! An infant of not even a year old, yet growing in style and assurance, the seven member ensemble brings to the listener a fine blend of folk and gypsy grooves, with lyrics in French and English that are sure to make one ponder the outer reaches of the human psyche, melodies of both a sorrowful and colourful nature, and rhythms to sway slowly or dance without worry to. Simple but complex, organized yet chaotic and at times wonderfully unexpected, Talk/Sing Skeleton looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor at this year’s infringement festival and beyond!

June 16, 10 pm

The Orange Eyes


Dogwoman is a bilingual piece where three unlikely characters meet up around a pole and in a coktailbar. Playing with rolemodels and an interactive soundtrack provided by the audience.

La Barraque
928 St. Catherine East
June 16/17/18 at 9 pm

Luis Flores

June 16, 5pm



June 16, 5pm