June 17 juin

Dumpster Dive Art Drive

Visual arts exhibition presented in an alleyway.
Artists will show up on the fly to present pieces made with found/used/discarded objects.

Alleyway behind the Biftek(3702 Blvd St. Laurent)
June 17, 5-8pm

Optative Theatrical Laboratories: Haunted Mountain

With its creepy legends, immense cemeteries, and numerous ghost-sightings, Mount Royal is undoubtedly the most haunted mountain in Canada. Join professional actor and horror-expert Donovan King on this chilling venture up the slopes of the Haunted Mountain! With special guest Karen Spilak!

Starts at Barfly
June 17, 8pm sharp

Optative Theatrical Laboratories

Trio Rémi Y.Morissette

Jazz Trio

June 17, 5pm

Julie Barbeau et Luiza Cocora: Frog Loves Christy

Frog: A woman biologicaly, but lives life as a man. Christy: A woman, half sister to Frog. They love each other…but how?

Follow on Twitter! @lajuliebarbeau 15 minutes before show for show locations!
Sunday, June 17, 2pm to 7pm
Wednesday, June 20, 6pm to 9 pm
Thursday, June 21, 7:30pm to 9pm
Saturday, June 23, 3pm to 7pm

Ramon y su son

June 17, 5pm
June 22, 5pm
June 24, 5pm