Greening Montreal Walking Tour and Picnic

Donovan King & Melanie Leavitt

Plan an afternoon of green ecological delights with hosts Melanie Leavitt and Donovan King. Discover hidden and unique initiatives to green Montreal, and enjoy a secret urban garden picnic where everyone is invited to share foods. Starting in the community-created garden of the Masion de l’Amitié, the tour visits green alleys and rooftops, guerrilla gardens, and other urban ecological projects. Bring food and wine to share!

June 18th
The tour begins at 11 am sharp at Maison de l’Amitié Garden, 120 Duluth Street east (bilingual)
11 am, Bring food and wine for the picnic

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  1. Lama Says:

    j’a rate la date du tour que vous proposez sur les espaces ecolos a Montreal…
    J’aimerais en savoir plus,
    pouvez-vous m’aider?

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