Sang Eun Lee

I paint because it lets me simply be. In this state of being, I have the freedom to let my intuition roam into the painting’s territory. Because being the painter of my chosen surface does not grant me sole conviction or authority over its fate. I can’t ever plan a painting into being, because to me, painting is, by being a form of pure expression, defined by the very search for it that makes up the process of painting. This process involves a dialogue between the progressive build up of paint marks as they meet the surface of the painting, and how the surface responds to these marks. The surface proposes what should come next and I negotiate with it until a painting is created.

The combination of color, texture and movement make up the identity of my paintings. What they emote comes from my intuition, so the energy is raw, complex and baroque. My paintings evoke drama, and it’s inevitable, since it comes from the most unhindered, ungovernable place inside of me. I see humanity as mysterious, wavering, unpredictable and beautiful, and I suppose that is ultimately what I want to share with my paintings.

June 21, 5-7
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