June 19 juin

Alexandra Cuellar

Alexandra has a limitless imagination. Her style embodies a feminine, fantasy-like universe. Her art resembles surrealistic work; Daughter of an artist, she does not hesitate to explore new avenues.

Part of the Dumpster Dive Art Drive June 19th, vernissage at 5pm in a TBA alley and part of the infringement art show w/Mr Saad, Stephanie Laughlin, Sophie-Claude Miller, Laurence Tenenbaum and others, Thursday, June 24th, vernissage 6-8pm at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent

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Alphred Galère et les muses éphémères

From the coldest depths of a Montreal winter was forged a band composed of a most varied musical background: Alfred Galere et les Muses Ephemeres! An infant of not even a year old, yet growing in style and assurance, the seven member ensemble brings to the listener a fine blend of folk and gypsy grooves, with lyrics in French and English that are sure to make one ponder the outer reaches of the human psyche, melodies of both a sorrowful and colourful nature, and rhythms to sway slowly or dance without worry to. Simple but complex, organized yet chaotic and at times wonderfully unexpected, Alphred Galere looks forward to seeing you on the dance floor at this year’s infringement festival and beyond!

Bilingual, Saturday, June 19th at 7pm at 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent, PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN

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Bruno Normandin


Bruno est un tripeux de guitare, la musique l’inspire et le calme. Dans cette optique, l’organisation des sons précède le plus souvent les mots. Il écrit selon les différents univers où la musique l’emmène. Ainsi s’amorce un voyage dans les tourments et ce qui les apaise. Sur scène, il est accompagné de la charmante voix de France Levasseur.

In French, Saturday, June 19th w/Rachel Marcoux,show starts at 9pm at Bistro Mousse Café, 2522 rue Beaubien Est, pay-what-you-can

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Car Stories

Car Stories is Montreal’s longest-running theatre experiment. It is a guided theatrical joyride through the Urban Wonderland for three spect-actors at a time. (in English) For more, please visit optative.net/carstories

In English, June 19, 27, 7pm-10pm, June 20 2-6pm, a new show every 30 mins, starts at Bar Bifteck, 3702 St-Laurent, call 514-699-3378 to reserve.


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Dumpster Dive Art Drive

Visual arts in the alleyway! This exciting vernissage explores the relationship between art and the street, between local artists and a disposable society. Consisting entirely of art created from dumpstered and found objects, this show takes place for one day only in an alleyway. Wine will be served from a brown paper bag. For more, click here.

Next vernissage Sunday, June 27th, 3pm in an alley, go to Bar Bifteck, 3702 boul St-Laurent as of 2pm for details

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Louis-André Bourque

Native of Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Louis-André has been based in Montreal for a few years.  A singer-songwriter, he has chosen chanson as the language he is privileged to use to communicate with his contemporaries.  Some have compared him to Brassens, an influence he is far from denying.  His texts are as much instantaneous as delirious and  they travel through our society raised by an amusing sarcasm.  He will be accompanied by two musicians overflowing with talent and energy: Jean-Philippe Gilbert on guitar and Pierre-Olivier Ouellet on accordeon.  This is a team that knows how to electrify a room.

For more: www.myspace.com/louisandrebourque

In French, Saturday, June 19, 3pm at 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent

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Martin Robichaud

Triple laureate in the Ma Première Place des Arts contest in 1999, he has accumulated experiences on stage for more than 15 years, singing and playing percussion in styles ranging from progressive rock to traditional Québécoise and Celtic, passing through (more “current”) chanson française. He dreams of a « Québecadie » or an « Acadibec », a found francophonie, from Louisianna to Cape Breton. The craftsman advances at his rhythm and hopes to find a team that will shoulder him while respecting his step.

For more:

In French, Saturday, June 19th at 2pm at 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent and Thursday, June 24th w/Serge C. Poirier at Bistro Mousse Café, 2522 rue Beaubien Est, show starts at 9pm

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Owl Farm

Owl Farm, from Kingston Ontario, are an eclectic mix of Psych, Punk and New Wave.

For more:

In english, Friday, June 18th w/Dead Messenger at Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, show starts at 9pm and Saturday, June 19th at 3 Minots, 3812 St-Laurent, 5pm

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Polyester is a rock trio who’s unique blend of Jazz and Grunge is sure to turn some heads. With melodic riffs, jazzy licks, and a mountain of sound, Polyester is the real thing!

For more: www.polyestermusic.com

In English, Friday, June 18 w/Chanel and Richard Lahmy and Saturday, June 19th w/Micheal Micheal, shows starts at 9pm at 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent. Also Thursdsay, June 24th w/Anal Pudding and Les Filles at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent, show starts at 10pm

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Psyn Langwage

PsynLangwage is a revolution in the Montreal Hip-Hop scene.

STORY: Three brothers (DaDestroya, Negrosapien and HemmRage) fed up with the direction that Hip-Hop music was taking, decided to band together and destroy everything in their path.

When people hear about Hip-Hop, they come to expect talk of jewelery, guns and other cheap tricks. PsynLangwage is here to change that. They mix Comedy, Crowd Participation and Paper Bag Heads to bring performing back to the art form.

Tired of bling-music? Do you want Change? Ready to put that bag over your head?

We think you’re ready to PSYN UP!


Saturday, June 19th, 4pm, 3 Minots, 3812 boul St-Laurent and Friday, June 25th w/Sunshine, Blood Ballet Cabaret, All Tales Tall and more at Barfly, 4062A boul St-Laurent, show starts at 9pm, PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN

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Rachel Marcoux


Je suis une chanson qui a été « gossée » à même l’écorce d’une épinette.
Je suis un instrument de musique fabriqué à partir du même bois,
celui qu’on peut retrouver dans la grande forêt de Chapais.
J’étais celle qui se cachait par crainte de se « planter ».
Je suis celle qui a quand même osé sortir du bois.
Je suis l’artisane de cette chanson que je travaille à rendre
de plus en plus mélodieuse et harmonieuse,
afin que l’on puisse entendre qui je suis dans ces airs que je respire.
Je suis une chanson. Je suis un instrument. Je suis là!
Sur les planches d’une scène provenant probablement du même bois que le mien.

For more: www.myspace.com/ratchmusic

In French, Saturday, June 19th w/Bruno Normandin, show starts at 9pm at Bistro Mousse Café, 2522 rue Beaubien Est, pay-what-you-can

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USINE 106U is happy to convey you the opening of the spectacular exhibition VACCINATION presenting the artwork of 29 visual artists: Mark Prent, Eric Braün, Xavier Landry, Adeline Lamarre, Mimi Traillette, Yves Milet-Desfougères, Daniel Erban , Sweet Grognasse, Majka Kwiatowska, Winky, Scott Ferry, Margotella, Ashley West, CadO, Miguel La Bicicleta, Fabesko, Dominique Cantin, Bubzee Feller, Claude Bolduc, China Marsot-Wood, Paul Gratton, Veronica Michelle, Mary Lou Freel, Jean-Francois Labelle, Alexandra Guérin, Ginette Bouchard, Maxime Portugais, Kristen Steinwachs and Florent Veilleux. Hallucinogenic paintings, pop-art silkscreens, disquieting kinetic sculptures, erotic etchings, original drawings, trash plush toys, surrealist jewelry other fascinating curiosities will massively take over the space.

Usine 106U, 160 Roy Est, opening hours are Saturday to Wednesday noon to 6hPM , Thursday & Friday from noon to 9pm

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