Spoken Word/Poesie

The New Smoke N’ Mirrors Show

Smoke N’ Mirrors is a multimedia arts show designed to challenge people’s perceptions and open up third eyes! A gathering for open minded and politically aware people who enjoy performance based art forms as well as video projections. Celebrating alternative and independent media and research, SnM attempts to break down the illusions created by the mainstream media and uncover the process of social engineering.

Fresh Paint Gallery
June 20th, 9pm
$5 Suggested Donation/Pay-What-You-Can

Laurence Tenenbaum: It’s The Montreal International Infringement Festival’s Spoken Word Show!

Once upon a time
there lived a poet
he wrote and wrote
about all he saw
until one day he’d seen enough of the bad things,
and on that day,
he did rebel.
he gathered others
to hear his words,
and they in turn,
were heard by him
and the crowd grew conscious
and the crowd rebelled.

Concordia Co-Op Bookstore
June 19, Time TBA

Rebecca Anne Banks

Rebecca Anne Banks of Tea at Tympani Lane Records is a Poet/Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Writer/Artist. Watching the evening sky from her kitchen she creates mythologies in poetry, music, art and Newsletters. Her latest poetry projects include: The Book of Blue, The Grif and Other Conversations, The Gift of the Midnight Sun and Watching Snow Falling. At home in Montreal.

Concordia Co-Op Bookstore
June 19, time TBA
Tympani Lane Records