Docteur Prout

Présentation sous forme de performance d’une machine à ” ne rien faire” : le not’il prout : surmarin flottant à gratter les nuages bas”! Steempunk,absurde,poétique,philosophique
pour touts ages,30 pers max, en français

Fresh Paint Gallery
le 20 juin, 17h00-19h00

Optatitve Theatrical Laboratories: Haunted Mountain

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With its creepy legends, immense cemeteries, and numerous ghost-sightings, Mount Royal is undoubtedly the most haunted mountain in Canada. Join professional actor and horror-expert Donovan King on this chilling venture up the slopes of the Haunted Mountain! With special guest Karen Spilak!

Starts at Barfly
June 17, 8pm sharp

Optative Theatrical Laboraties

The New Smoke N’ Mirrors Show

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Smoke N’ Mirrors is a multi-media arts show designed to challenge people’s perceptions and open up third eyes! A gathering for open minded and politicaly aware people who enjoy performance based art forms as well as video projections. Celebrating alternative and independent media and research, SnM attempts to break down the illusions created by the mainstream media and uncover the process of social engineering.

Fresh Paint Gallery
June 20th, 9 pm
$5 Suggested Donation/Pay-What-You-Can

Candyass Tiki Luau Cabaret

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Hawaiian Beach Party night! Shake your tikis! Molotov cocktails! Masks! Smoke Bombs! Police escorts! We go all out for special effects! Its the last Candyass Cabaret of the season till we return in September.
A schmear of delightful sometimes challenging entertainment… for your eyes and ears to feast on. A tasty blend of artists in the heart of the historic entertainment district and the Main. A dab of drag and a bissel of burlesque. Shake your tikis and wear your tackiest tropical shirt its going to be a hot night.

Guizo LaNuit sexy drag king and breaker of ladies hearts is the MC of the evening
The Dead Dolls will misinterpret polynesian dance
Nat King Pole – Drag King extraordinaire !
Delightful burlesque crooner Damiana Dolce
Lady Hoops -sassy and sexy hooper
Diane LaBelle the sublime badass bellydancer
Reena the drag queen will entertain you
Corey and Millie the puppet sing a song of the South Pacific

LIMBO CONTEST! Win incredibly bad prizes in our contest!
Talent! Titties! Toupees!
Get hammered on the Cleopatra Cocktail!! Buy stuff you don’t need from our cute cigarette girl.
The DJ will make you shimmy yer booty after the show as only a stripclub DJ can!

Cafe Cleo, 1230 Saint-Laurent Boul(second floor)
June 22, DOORS : 9pm / Showtime 10pm
Admission : $10
Facebook Event

Closing Festival Picnic

After nine days of intense infringement, artists and collaborators will be partying & dining in style on the mountain!

Gazebo on Mount-Royal(Just north of ave des Pins)
June 24, 5pm
Free / Bring a dish /BYOW/B

Jacqueline van de Geer : Sirène

Sirene est une conte pour adultes ou les participants suivent la histoire des amours de la sirene menopausale. Elle se rapelle son dernier amour desastreux avec un capitain de la mer sauvage. Plongez dans l ocean et vive ses emotions forte dans ce piece absurde et bilingue!

Fresh Paint Gallery
June 20, 19h00

Julie Barbeau et Luiza Cocora: Frog Loves Christy

Frog: Une femme biologiquement, mais elle vit comme un homme. Christy: Une femm, la demi-soeur de Frog. Elles s’aiment…mais comment?

Suivre sur Twitter! @lajuliebarbeau 15 minutes avant la spectacle pour la lieu exact.
dimanche, le 17 juin, 14h00-19h00
mercredi, le 20 juin, 18h0021h00
jeudi, le 21 juin, 19h30-21h00
Samedi, le 23 juin, 15h00-19h00

King & Candyass Red Light Walking Tour

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As the wrecking ball demolishes the Lower Main National Historic Site, join this Jane’s Walk, originally created by Velma Candyass and Donovan King, veterans of the struggle to save the Café Cleopatra. A colorful tour of the Red Light that will reveal many secrets! Since the glory days of Nouvelle-France, through the period of Prohibition to the 21st century, this walk explores the “infamous” Red Light District and highlights government attempts to eradicate the neighbourhood, including the most current controversies.

Starts at le Midway, 1219 Saint Laurent
Saturday March 23, 2pm

Mamee’s Cheap Eats:Cat Angel Cookie/ 777/White Joy

Nous aurions une tente de tissu dehors. À l’intérieur de soyez des phénomènes ombres (marionnette d’ombre) et musique improvisée par Tutu Blang Blang.

le 15 juin
Place a y annoncer
dons $2 minimum suggeste

Optative Theatrical Laboratories: Infringement Therapy

Nous donnerons des rendez-vous aux individus, aux couples, et aux groupes pour assister à une séance de thérapie Infringement. Un docteur théâtrale dirigera la séance et préscrira une aventure intéractive, dramatique et thérapeuique. La visée première de cette th.rapie est d’éliminer les oppressions les plus encrées et les plus sombres du patient. Ils auront par la suite le courage de transformer leur réalité sociale au quotidien!

Commence à Barfly, 4062 boul. St-Laurent
June 19, 17h00 pm