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Sunday, June 15th







Marie Delaval and Robert Marchand.  They form the guitar-voice duet “Maroval” and propose original songs and interpretations drawn from the French repertory. Of French origin, Marie Delaval initially sang in Paris. In 1996, she presented in Quebec, a tribute to Anne Sylvestre along with her own compositions. Robert Marchand, photographer, visual artis and writer has been writing and composing for more than twenty-five years. A perfume of songs of French expression for the spectator who enjoys words, poetry and music. 


Le Maître chanteur, 3425 St-Denis, 9pm, no cover, voluntary contribution




« Des chansons en désordre, dans un monde à l’envers ! »

presented by Bernard Noiret and Sophie Drouin


I propose to you a “piano-voice” in the company of Sophie Drouin. Having the opportunity to be accompanied by this exceptional musician I will to present my songs and those of authors who marked my life. Words which show the human in tenderness, greatness, sillyness and the horror which sometimes differentiate it from the animal kingdom! “You can take the Belgian out of Belgium, but the contrary is more difficult. In the end It’s the same with singer and songs…” … as

long as the pleasure is in the meeting… Bernard Noiret


Le Maître chanteur, 3425 St-Denis, 10:30pm, no cover, voluntary contribution