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Thursday, June 26th


infringement Spoken-Word and Culture-Jamming Film Night


An evening of spoken word performances by Paula Belina, Cassandra Witteman, Laurence Tennebaum and others mixed in with culture jamming videos by Jay Lemieux and Guerillla Video Productions


some performers...





Paula Belina has been performing her spoken poetry since 1998 as well as printed off dozens of chapbooks and 39 issues of her monthly comp-lit-cut&paste zine, Streeteaters, to date. She has won a few slams, has quietly read off typed paper, has collaborated with beatboxers, has continued to move with her own poems. Paula finished her second tour across Canada in September 2006 and made a home in British-Columbia for a year studying clowning and theatre improv.  She has attended the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics (at Naropa University, Boulder, CO) and has performed in Boulder, Denver, New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria as well as been a part of the Voix D'Amerique spoken word festival in Montreal since 2003.

In 2006, "Paint a City Coat on You, my Wall" was launched as her first full length spoken word CD on the Montreal lable, Take this Hammer.  A dedicated stamp carver and self-publishing factory, you can view a collection of her zines & artwork at






This is about Laurence Tenebaum.


Of course, Laurence Tenebaum has been terrorizing the Montreal spoken word scene for years.


After a brief hiatus, Laurence Tenebaum is back with a new attack

on the Spoken Word Scene of Montreal

Now armed with More artillery and ammo than before.


It’s Laurence Tenebaum!



Les Minots, 3812 St-Laurent, 8pm, no cover






Le Maître chanteur, 3425 St-Denis, 9pm, no cover, voluntary contribution





Pioneers of www music : weird, whimsical, wacky. This electro-pop band is formed by Alexandra Delgado aka Queen Herring and her two Herrings-in-waiting Myrrhine Faller and Iris Godbout.


Bar St-Laurent II, 5550 St-Laurent, 9pm




Come experience market garden's first mission in montreal, we don't believe in MySpace, live only. 


Bar St-Laurent II, 5550 St-Laurent, 10pm




Kinetic Aesthetic presents Sleep Sitting Up and Other Interventions

Kinetic Aesthetic (England and Scotland)


Kinetic Aesthetic presents a performative screening of their art activism which will include the Montreal intervention Sleep Sitting Up.


Sleep Sitting Up is a durational, site-specific performance in which Kinetic Aesthetic attempt to sleep for 24 hours in the public squares and parks of  Montreal.  This will happen at the beginning of the festival in downtown Montreal so if you come across us please say hello.


Les Minots, 3812 St-Laurent, 10pm, no cover





Le Maître chanteur, 3425 St-Denis, 10:30pm, no cover, voluntary contribution








"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." (Robert Frost) What is OCEANSOUL? Epic. Anthemic. High Energy Eastern Rock. Pop/Dance sensibilities... OCEANSOUL travels the path less taken by exploring a new hybrid style composed of rock, sitar, and anthemic dance melodies which will uplift you to a higher state. High energy eastern rock guitar riffs inspired mainly by Ravi Shankar, The Cult, Led Zeppelin, & Velvet Underground. A duo backed by a powerful Electronic Rythm Section, this band is on a path of their own creation...


Bar St-Laurent II, 5550 St-Laurent, 11pm