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Much thanks


The Montreal infringement team would like to thank all the artists who played in this year’s fest and the audiences who came out to support them.  We would also like to use this space to mention and thank the volunteer organizers and all that helped out behind the scenes during the festival and the planning stages.  Here are some of them, in alphabetical order:


Katy Baird, Paula Belina, Anne Boucard, Nick Bouthiette, Erik Chevrier, James Douglas, Steve Frasier, Jerry Gabriel, Lucy Hutson, Melanie Kal, Donovan King, Landriault, Stephanie Laughlin, Jay Lemieux, Alaya Martin, Jason C. McLean, Jean-Frédéric Noël, Monique Paquin, Maria-Hélèna Pacelli, Gary St-Laurent, Laurence Tenenbaum, Emily Thacker, Cassandra Witteman


Also, a big thank you to Cameron, Maureen and Luke at the Maison de l’amitié, Anthony at Barfly, Lino at Bar St-Laurent, Ray at les 3 Minots, lab.synthese,  Alfred Galère at the infringement Factory, Pat at the infringement Dungeon, Friendship Cove, Marco at Boreale, Derek and Marc at Kayjon, Mel Lefebvre, Griffintown, la ZoPA,  Dr. Ropes, THAW


And to anyone we may have forgotten, we apologize.