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Friday, June 20th





Originally from St. Andrews, raised on Prince Edward Island, and now based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Owen is a young singer/songwriter/storyteller who performs mostly original, acoustic based music. He constantly tours in his VW van.. a few years down the road! And leads a secret life half the days of the year in a small town.. south of here.


Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, 8pm, no cover, voluntary contribution





Skip Jensen is a well respected contributer to the rockin' garage scene in Montreal. In 2001 while he was still releasing records with more established bands, he decided to start recording himself more seriously. And so, Skip Jensen was born... With a paint-stick taped to one foot, a tambourine to the other and a harmonica and guitar slung around his neck he proceeded to bash out and record some of the most original sounding tunes to be heard in a dog's age. Heavily influenced by the likes of Jesse Mae Hemphill, Doctor Ross and even Hasil Adkins the songs are a mish-mash of blues, punk, rockabilly, folk, bluegrass and rock n' roll.


Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, 9pm, no cover, voluntary contribution 





Discover the sympathetic universe, poetry and music of this singer-songwriter.  With fragments of folk, blues and chanson française lifted by some psychedelic ballads, you will travel through pleasant environments of picturesque and whimsical inspirations where you will find little stories strewn with frugality or impregnated with the imaginary.  Intimacy, reflection, joy, nonchalance, wisdom, daydreams;  all that is likely to be served to you this evening.


Le Maître chanteur, 3425 St-Denis, 9pm, no cover, voluntary contribution







PRADADA includes a single member ( The Monocle ) and creates an improvised landscape using sounds and textures ( loops, guitar, keyboard, voice ) to derive musical intelligence towards new dynamic results. His sound is in radical opposition with the bourgeois concepts that define art, music & performance.  STROBE / REVERB / DYNAMITE


Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, 10pm, no cover, voluntary contribution




Free and dynamic artist with a great repertory, Rocky goes from bar singer to 50s rock n' roll, from 80s pop to la chanson française, from top 50 hits to the jazz of the 40s.  Rocky really has a style of his own and a sound that emanates from a truly original savoir faire.  Guitarist and singer songwriter, it's with energy and emotion that he expresses himself on guitar, blending rock, flamenco, swing, jazz and even classical.  He will be performing in duo with Prasun Lala.


Le Maître chanteur, 3425 St-Denis, 10:30pm, no cover, voluntary contribution






«De Babz, friendly Babou, was born in the depths of a brown hole! He licks his large rough hairs constantly and particularly likes the armpits of mature guenons.  We don’t know why, but since being formed, he doesn’t stop sordidly crying: Ou...Ou... Hop... Hop, Ouuu Hoooop!!! Babi, Babibou, Babibabibazzzzzzz!!! He enters instead long folkloric trances and finally sees the light»


Barfly, 4062A St-Laurent, 11pm, no cover, voluntary contribution